Friday, February 12, 2010

The Olympics are finally here

Well, the day has finally come!  I can't wait.  I remember a year ago and all the hype surrounding the Olympics and how they are so close yet they seemed so far away.  100 days ago the Globe and Mail did a big section on the Olympics...still really far away.

Now it's tonight.  The opening ceremony is all about Canada showing off what Canada is.  We are competitive, friendly, open, welcoming, and generally cold (except for Vancouver of course).  The rest of the world will watch over the next 17 days, and some of the most amazing video and photos will be taken of some of the most beautiful vistas Canada has to offer.  It's a proud day for our country.

The Olympics aren't perfect and there will be problems, but for all those issues, the stories that come out of the games will be the legacy for the media and the athletes, and the venues will be the legacy for the rest of the city and country.  Last time I was in Montreal I went swimming in Olympic Parc.  An amazing facility that would have never been built if it wasn't for IOC money. That would never be possible without the Olympics.  Because of the 1976 Olympics, Quebec as some of the greatest athletes come out of that province. 

Please take the time over the next 17 days and enjoy all that the Olympics has to offer.  Cheers, tears, scandals, and stories.

Go Canada go!

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